Why Youth Jobs Are Popular Now – 21st Century Trends

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In an ancient Indian manuscript dating back to the Buddhist era of the century A.D., there is this statement: “What does everyone strive for? To get on well in life. But life is very complicated. Life is work. You don’t seem very happy with the topic of conversation? Probably because you’ve been touched by the negative attitude toward work that’s been cultivated in Russia over the centuries. The vast majority of human laborers were for a long time subjected to servitude. Remember serfdom. But today, work is popular among young people, and the younger generation is willing and eager to work for its own sake.

A Historical Digest of Society’s Attitudes Toward Work

In the historical development of foreign Europe, it was the labor and social activities of the townspeople that laid the foundations of capitalist society, its economy, political organization, and ideas. In our country, starting from the time of the Tatar-Mongol yoke, when many glorious cities were burned and plundered, the townspeople were in a humiliated position: the princes were raking off tribute from them and sending them to the Golden Horde for labels for reign, then the huge taxes and duties were raked into the royal treasury. Manufacturers (as they used to call industrialists) and merchants had to be ready at any moment to deliver to the treasury or to pay bribes.

Forced labor gave rise to appropriate proverbs: “Work is not a wolf, in the woods will not run away!”, “From work to die a horse”; “Fools like work” and others in the same vein.

Then there was the Soviet era, when every slogan was “All in the name of man, all for the good of man,” while in reality there was cruel exploitation by the state, led by a small group of people who dreamed of imposing their will and views on the whole world. Man had no right to be happy with his family, his home, his own business…

Why Youth Jobs Are Popular Now - 21st Century Trends

How to adjust

Let’s not talk politics, but you should understand that we are now experiencing the end of World War III, when the USSR and the socialist countries were defeated in their confrontation with the rest of the world. A regime change is taking place. And such times are never easy.

They are especially difficult for the elderly, who are not so distressed by poverty and miserable pensions as they are by the realization of the greatest injustice in the past life. It is difficult for women, because at all times they are the ones most affected by the hardships of life. It is difficult for young people looking for their place in life.

And, it would seem, a difficult new situation, which is determined primarily by the market economy, that is, when everything is evaluated from the standpoint of “who needs it and how much it costs”, frightens more the adult generation than the young. It would seem that the system of education and upbringing in the USSR was aimed at generating obedience, obedience, the ability to memorize by heart the minimum required knowledge and ideological dogmas proposed by officials, activity “in light of the decisions” of the next “historical” congresses and plenums, blind devotion to the idea up to self-sacrifice.

But yesterday’s boys and girls (not all of them, of course) today demonstrate completely different qualities: independence, business and worldly savvy, energy, and persistence in achieving their goals. As if by magic, young people turn out to be more businesslike and adapted to the new reality. Could this be the antithesis of what they saw in their parents’ recent lives?

Why Youth Jobs Are Popular Now - 21st Century Trends

Some people adopt the “yuppie” fashion from the West. You haven’t heard of it? Of course, it’s not as widespread as it was in the old days of hippies, punks, and others. Our young people didn’t bother much with the philosophy of these movements. It was much easier not to wash for weeks, to let the appropriate “hijinks” go, to shred jeans or to put metal rivets on jackets. The twentieth century saw an increasing internationalization of the economic, political and spiritual life of humanity.

What’s happening now

The daughter of the famous artist Paloma Picasso – now a famous fashion designer and fashion designer – puts it simply: “The world is becoming more and more cosmopolitan, and we all influence each other.

A universal way of life is now emerging, which can be seen in Europe, North America, and the Pacific: people are drinking cappuccino coffee and Perrier spring water, furnishing their apartment with IKEA furniture (it’s a Swedish firm), eating sushi (the Japanese national dish – a block of boiled rice with a piece of raw seafood, like octopus tentacles; And such small sushi restaurants are increasingly appearing even in America, not to mention other countries), wear Benetton clothes, and listen to Anglo-American rock as they drive the Hyundai to McDonald’s.

So very figuratively wrote about the same thing in their book “What awaits us in the 90s. Megatrends: The Year 2000” by the famous American futurologists John Nasbitt and Patricia Eburdin.

I highly recommend reading this serious book. I assure you it will not be boring. And you will open the “gate” to the XXI century, that is, you will learn what the main trends will operate in the world in the coming decades. Perhaps, something in this big life will become clearer to you, you will more easily define your place in it.

Why Youth Jobs Are Popular Now - 21st Century Trends

In particular, one of the trends is called by the authors “the triumph of personality. It is this trend that is the thread linking all the others. The tenth chapter of the book analyzes in some detail the new position of the individual in society, especially emphasizing “the triumph of individual responsibility over the anonymity of the collective. Since the days of the community, which was so easy to control, the cultivation of collectivism was continued in Soviet times, when all are on an equal footing, no one is left out in the cold, everyone is bound by a mutual guarantee, and those who “stick their neck out” are beaten so that they do not live better: “Look how clever you’ve come up! Everybody has to live equally poor and hard, except, of course, those in power: “Whoever has the power, that’s the sweetness,” they used to say.

Will we become different? That largely depends on the young people of today, Believe me, I am not just writing pretty words. I’m just convinced that the older generation, starting at a certain age, is incapable of changing and changing lives. In many ways it’s not their own fault, and yet…

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