Expert advice, what profession to choose a girl today

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The choice of profession can be influenced by a variety of factors: advice or instructions from parents, the example of friends, favorite characters from books or movies, the proximity to home of a particular institute, the presence of only such a plant in the town, or just by chance. But the main thing should depend on the person himself, his interest and dedication to a particular case. Let’s consider what profession to choose a girl in today’s realities.

How to do your job well

When the prominent economist Grigory Yavlinsky was asked not so long ago, amidst general economic confusion and crisis, “What should we do?” – he replied, “Whatever you want. But only what you do best. The trouble is that most of our people cannot do anything well at all. Elementary professionalism has been lost, not to mention a work culture comparable to that in other countries.

Once, we, students, worked in the summer on the repair of dormitories, I observed the following picture: the foreman comes and, looking at how students paint baseboards, says: “You’re doing it wrong! I’ll show you!”, a long tries on, holds the line curve-curve, not even getting on the baseboard, but only dirty floor, bending at the side of his head, looking at the work of his hands. Then he admonishes: “That’s not the way to do it. And he walks away. How many times have I come across the fact that “masters” and would like to do well, but they just can’t anymore! Others just don’t want to. After all, you have to work hard!

Expert advice, what profession to choose a girl today 

Yes, we should. One of the most common American pamphlets says so:

  1. Don’t just work – try to work flawlessly. That’s what your clients expect from you, that’s what they pay you for.
  2. Don’t treat yourself as an “average person. If you try to work flawlessly, you will be surprised at how well you can do everything.
  3. Getting to work, imagine as if you are stepping on a minefield. Try to anticipate where you might make a mistake, and don’t let it happen!
  4. When you do make a mistake, don’t look for excuses. And don’t waste time apologizing. Take full responsibility for what happened.

I rewrote these words for a reason. Notice the last two points. Nowadays parents, just like children, are afraid of making mistakes in choosing a profession. And also that the younger ones often blame the older ones, saying that they made them do it. If only …. So you have to make the choice yourself.

The problem of choice

There is even a parable about the Buridan donkey, who starved to death because she could not choose one of exactly the same bundles of hay. Every day we must, having chosen one, give up the other. With professions, oh, how difficult. If only because there are more than 40,000 of them in the world today, and the number is growing, new ones are appearing.

Of course, not all of them can be available to you, but nevertheless… In this selection, I would like to emphasize possible mistakes. They can happen as a result of incompetent advice, especially from your friends. I know very well that it is their authority that comes first for many young people. Is that wise? Hardly. Because youth is characterized by a lack of life experience and maximalism, impatience, and sometimes intolerance, extremes. Sometimes it is manifested in an enthusiasm for the external or any other aspect of the profession, in overestimation or underestimation of themselves, their inclinations, ignorance of their abilities, physical features, which can affect the choice of profession.

Sometimes there is an identification of a school subject with a profession: “Oh, I love literature so much! So then what? Do you like to take care of children at school? Do you like reading other people’s manuscripts, correcting mistakes and correcting turns of phrase? Do you have an aptitude for scientific analysis of literary sources? And job prospects in general? And the desire for a small salary?

It also worries me that girls make their participation in concerts and school plays, even television shows, the basis of their desire to become an actress. And not just anywhere, but Hollywood! That’s right, there are more opportunities to get a job in the movies than in our country, where there is no money for the most famous directors, where actors evoke pity and compassion.

Expert advice, what profession to choose a girl today


Creative professions are now listed in our labor exchanges, and will obviously remain on the list of “most unnecessary” for a long time to come. And in America? Are you saying that a pretty face and a figure will help you? My girl! There are thousands of beautiful girls crowding around, waiting for their chance, working as waitresses, secretaries, letter carriers, etc. And what kind of competition is there?

Here’s an example: in the competition for the role of Scarlett O’Hara in the new version of the movie based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” was attended by 20,000 applicants from 17 countries! The role went to 41-year-old American actress Morgan Brittany. It is difficult to judge the reasons: whether it is the “vision” of the director, or the wife (lover) of one of the “right” people … Besides, our girls were brought up in a different tradition and culture, they are completely different people, in many ways different from American standards.

What professions are in demand today

Let’s take a realistic look at our lives and identify the professions that are in demand. According to statistics, structural changes in the professional sphere are occurring faster today than a few years ago, and their intensity is likely to increase in the future.

As now, in five to ten years there will be an acute need for workers in general commercial activities of market support, real estate operations, insurance and financial companies. The demand for specialists in health care, education, and social security will remain. Regarding a profession, no matter how “marketable” and in demand it may be, your business and personal qualities will determine everything.

Don’t you have “pathological boredom”? Until recently, it wasn’t thought to be a big deal. So what, boredom! Tell me about it: it can lead to serious medical or social problems. For example, people who do boring jobs are five times more likely to get heart disease or even a heart attack. But not everything depends on the job or the environment. Often the cause is in the person himself. There are people who are bored with almost everything. This is called “pathological boredom”, and with pathology, as you know, you should consult a specialist.

Expert advice, what profession to choose a girl today

Work abroad

What can you do? Okay, you don’t have to answer that. Next, do you know what our people usually do over there? In the U.S. – car washers, waiters (this is how Elena Koreneva, a famous movie actress, once went to the States), musicians in orchestras and hotels, agricultural workers, housekeepers made her living.

In Germany: garbage collectors, gardeners, car mechanics, car washers, carpenters, and joiners. In Austria: musicians in small hotel orchestras, locksmiths, nannies in kindergartens or families, and housekeepers. In Finland – agricultural workers, carpenters, carpenters, nurses, stokers, electricians, car mechanics, plumbers, and lumberjacks. In Greece – fishermen, ship repairmen, mechanics, electricians, car mechanics.

There is such a concept – to work “under the table,” that is, illegally. In most countries, such workers do not have residency rights. They are even afraid to meet with the police. Their wages are lower than those of locals.

And here is a sample of the requirements for candidates to work in a prosthetic workshop: qualified mechanical engineer, male 30-35 years old, at least 5 years of work experience, reliable and diligent worker, knowledge of German, computer skills. Do you now have some idea that “it’s not here”?

Tricks of the scammers

I’ve seen ads in newspapers: “You have a unique chance to go to work abroad. Famous firms from Germany, Austria, Holland and Poland are waiting for you… In order to get the list of specialties, the application form and a copy of the application, it is necessary to transfer 20 euros to the account… And the receipt of payment and envelope with the return address should be sent to the address …”.

What can I say? Well, the well-known companies don’t sleep at night, everyone is waiting for us. The announcement is a typical example to illustrate the theme of “Your Safety”: both send a receipt and a P.O. Box is anonymous. And 20 euros per number of “baited” – not bad!

From a recent audit of firms promising to find high-paying jobs abroad and located in such a respectable city as Moscow, it is clear that 99% of these offices are engaged in basic fraud. Their services in the best case do not go beyond the provision of standard forms or simply embezzlement of other people’s money. In the worst case the trusting citizens in the West end up in the position of lawless slaves who have no money even to return. This is especially true for girls who are seduced into working as “photo models,” waitresses, saleswomen, dancers…

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