Tired of foggy glasses? Here’s how to deal with it!

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Everyone who wears glasses has had the problem, more than once, of their glasses fogging up when they enter a building on a fall or winter day. However, this is nothing in the era of pandemics, when wearing masks makes it very difficult to use glasses. What should you do to prevent glasses from fogging up? How should you wear a mask and glasses to see well and feel comfortable all the time? Learn ways to help you.

Wearing glasses correctly

This rule seems simple and obvious, but not everyone remembers it. Glasses must be worn correctly on the nose. This is a must if you want to see well and comfortably and also to allow the moisture from the lenses to evaporate quickly if they fog up. Make sure the frames don’t rest against your forehead or rest heavily on your cheeks. This is important for good air circulation. If your glasses are too tight against your face, ask your eye doctor for help or make sure your frames are adjusted correctly.

Wearing a protective mask correctly

Another important factor is to fit a protective mask to minimize the amount of warm and moist air that gets between your face and your goggles. To do this, buy a mask with a special valve or a silicone “nose piece. A perfect fit can be a problem with fabric masks. Remember also to put the protective mask on first, position it correctly on your face (so that your cheeks and nose fit), and only then put on your goggles.

Coatings for glass

Now we move on to specialized ways to combat steaming. One of them will be a technology that can prevent this process. We are talking about a hydrophobic coating. When making eyeglasses at the optician, choose models with a similar coating to protect the glasses from water molecules settling on them, including, of course, vapor. This coating makes the glasses much more resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. Even if water or water vapor gets on the lens, the coating will quickly “sort it out” and the glasses will be clear in an instant.

Measures to prevent fogging

Various liquids, gels, and wipes that prevent lens fogging are becoming increasingly popular on the market. The former are designed to clean eyeglasses, but their properties also help prevent excessive water deposition on lenses. Gels are designed to protect sports accessories, such as ski goggles, and wipes are disposable products with a short but useful effect. However, you should always pay attention to the composition of the cleaner so that it does not contain strong chemicals or alcohol. After all, we don’t want to damage our glasses, much less our eyes, do we?

Are glasses a problem?

These four ways to fog your glasses can help you get rid of this problem and regain comfortable vision during pandemonium and harsh weather conditions. If you want to get rid of your glasses, laser vision correction may be the answer. Your ophthalmologist or eye clinic will provide more information about this procedure.

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