Recommendations and folk recipes for caring for a girl’s eye skin

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What can keep your eyes from shining? Redness and fatigue, bags and dark circles, other unpleasant things. What causes them? From sleep deprivation, poor lighting at work, dust, washing with chlorinated water, cigarette smoke, sitting in a stuffy room, sometimes inappropriate cosmetics, or even diseases. When it comes to taking care of your eyes, it’s not how you paint them, but how you take care of them. Not for nothing they say: “take care of the apple of your eye”, “save more than the eye” and so on. Let’s take a look at how to care for your eye skin and why it’s important to rest your eyes.

Eye compresses and baths

Among the necessary eye care procedures are only morning and evening washing. They also include baths and compresses.

How do you make a bath? Fill a small glass three-quarters full with fresh chamomile or tea and apply to the closed eye. Tilt your head back, open your eye and try to rotate the eyeball intensively. It is useful to do this procedure every time after removing makeup.

Recommendations and folk recipes for caring for a girl's eye skin

Eye compresses are made in the following way: moisten cotton swabs with tea or chamomile and place them on the eyelids. Alternating them, it is necessary to lie for 10-15 minutes.

To relieve fatigue and refresh the skin around the eyes, you can put thin circles of raw potatoes on the closed eyelids. Hold them for 5-10 minutes. When you’re lying down, you need to relax, and that will give your whole body some rest.

You should not make fun of “extra rest. It is fatigue that can cause dark circles under the eyes. In particularly festive cases, you can resort to a concealer: apply a few small dots on the darkened areas and light strokes of your fingers to beat them in. You can use foundation. But the dermatologist is convinced that the skin under the eyes is too delicate. Abuse of makeup can lead to early wrinkles. It is better to use compresses of cottage cheese. Wrap a dessert spoonful of cottage cheese in two pieces of gauze and put them on your eyes for 10 minutes.

How to fight bags under the eyes

Some girls already have bags under their eyes at a young age. This is a signal that all is not well with health. And against the cosmetic defect you can offer several remedies: the same raw potatoes, but necessarily chilled, contrast compresses with tea (in this case disposable bags with brew are convenient: one – hot, and let the other to lie for a while in the freezer).

Recommendations and folk recipes for caring for a girl's eye skin 

For this procedure you can brew a teaspoon of sage in 100 grams of water (hold under a lid for ten minutes). Keep one part hot, the other cool in the refrigerator. Dampen a absorbent cotton with the hot infusion, close your eyes and put on them tampons. In 10 minutes make a cold compress. Such a procedure is good before going to bed.

Daily exercise for the eyes

Your eye muscles and eyelid skin are strengthened by daily exercise. Get into the habit of making several movements with your eyelids and eyebrows when you go to the bathroom in the morning. Looking in the mirror, start lifting the upper eyelids of both eyes together first and then separately. Continue the exercise involving the eyebrows. From time to time during the day, squeeze your eyelids strongly, then open them wide, move the eyeball to the left, to the right, up, down. Keep your head still while doing this.

You can add some more exercises: Blink for 30-45 seconds, then close your eyes and rest. Close your eyes for 15-20 seconds and then open them. Move your gaze from near to far. Occasionally look into the distance, if you can, at the color green. Teachers scold students in vain if they look out the window in class. Children instinctively try to give their eyes a rest.

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