Recommendations on how to get an employee position and interview

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Finding a good job these days is difficult. My students say it takes an average of at least a year and a half to find one. Already since the fourth year, and some are looking even earlier, young people are solving this problem. Yes, it’s a great shock, especially in our country, where you still have to get used to the fact that you’re not only a person, but also a labor force, which, like any other commodity, must be sold. And you must not lose your dignity. If you lose it, no one will respect you. Let’s talk about how to get an employee position in an organization you like.

Where to look for work

In your search you can take a look at the ads in the newspapers. First of all, pay attention to the ads of those companies that specify their name and coordinates, rather than hide behind a code and the notorious “p.o.” – P.O. box. Of course, the first more solid, and besides, knowing exactly what firm it is, you can find out about it and then decide whether to try to get into it.

However, more often all the same job is not looking for a person in foreign countries, and now us (gone the time when at the gates of every factory white sheets with long lists under the heading “Wanted…”). On the contrary. In the economy, including the service sector, about 70 percent of vacancies go to those who apply to firms on their own initiative. There’s nothing wrong with asking about the opportunity to work there and there. Even the most famous writers started out by offering their work to many magazines and publishers, and they were not immediately recognized and published.

How to look for a job

Of course, a lot in life can be decided by chance. They say, “Don’t miss a chance! But apart from this hope for a “lucky ticket”, it is a good idea to make a plan of action. Make a list of companies and individuals that you can contact. Find as many addresses of companies in the area that interest you. In short, as many options as possible.

Recommendations on how to get an employee position and interview 

There is a “principle of fifty,” derived from statistical observation: out of 50 attempts to make a hopeless case (and your case is not that hopeless!) one necessarily succeeds just by chance! This figure may not be entirely accurate, but the principle itself is quite reliable.

How to make documents

Keep in mind that if there are many applicants for the place you have chosen, the first examination will be your documents.

Cover letter

When advertising jobs, it is not uncommon for firms to ask for a letter of application to be sent to a specified address. What should you write in it? Don’t write things like “Your firm is the most outstanding in the business world” or “I’ve always dreamed of working there. You can’t write that they are your last hope. However, you are offering yourself for this or that job. How do you do it right?

Above all, be accurate. The hiring manager probably just won’t read papers that are sloppy or written with mistakes and blotches. Don’t think about writing on pieces of paper torn out of your notebook. Remember: in the adult world, most writing is done on A4 paper. Try to find the best one, which should be snow-white. The envelope should also be standard white business paper.

The application form and CV (if required) should be printed on a printer, not handwritten, the texts should not be stretched, the letter should not take more than one page of standard format (in serious cases it is not accepted to write on both sides of the sheet at all). Try to present information about yourself, your knowledge and skills so that they are remembered by the reader.

Yes, it’s a kind of self-promotion. But everything must be in moderation. It’s better to focus on your strengths and not to emphasize the weaknesses. The letter should be factual, easy to read, and contain facts, not opinions. Write in simple sentences. Use more nouns, active verbs when writing.

The application (letter of application) begins with first name, last name, address, telephone, place (city), and date written. This is followed by the name of the firm, the employee’s name (if it’s in the ad), and a link to the ad (in case you use a job ad).

Recommendations on how to get an employee position and interview

After the appeal, it would probably be something like “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,” you write who you are, what you know, state your educational background and work experience. It would be appropriate to give addresses to which references can be requested. Then write why you are interested in the job or why you want to apply. Wasting time and energy applying for jobs you are unlikely to be offered is not helpful,

At the end of the application, you should state when you can be called and when, if necessary, you can come in for an interview. Don’t forget to sign and mention applications, if any: photographs, curriculum vitae, and various certificates (copies of diplomas, certificates, references, and so on). It is good if they are, more solidly. Remember that your letter and accompanying biography is an indicator of your professionalism. So check your spelling and punctuation at least twice. You can, of course, ask someone knowledgeable to help in this matter.


Keep in mind that long texts are less comprehensible and unlikely to be read to the end. Therefore, everything should fit on one page of printed paper.

This document contains the following information:

  • first name;
  • last name;
  • exact address;
  • date and place of birth;
  • marital status;
  • number of children – let there be none for the time being: women with children, especially if there is more than one, are practically not hired. If judged from the perspective of a modern employer, why put up with perpetual sick leave to take care of children, which almost all women do not refuse to use “to the fullest extent”, when you can take a young healthy man, not burdened with a family;
  • education;
  • vocational training;
  • industrial activity;
  • qualifications.

Keep your writing short and clear and try to avoid complaining and lamenting your fate. Don’t forget to include a small but good quality picture of your face, where you look attractive but not provocative. There will be chosen the person with whom to work. And first impressions play a role, too.

Recommendations on how to get an employee position and interview


If you have been asked to fill out a job application form, it’s already serious, but it does not mean that your question will be answered positively. After all, there may still be a competition for applications ahead of you.

Don’t rush to write right away on the application form itself. I always do it on a separate sheet, correct it if necessary, and then slowly rewrite it on the form. If you spoil it and ask for another one, you already know that this is a disadvantage for you. They may think you’re not organized and neat enough. In addition, and with the forms they may be strained, because the printing of company papers – not cheap.

So, before filling out the form read it from beginning to end. Answer all questions, do not miss anything. Better, if possible, type the answers. If not, write very clearly. If you write poorly, they may not read you at all (I’ve told you many times to work on your handwriting). Be very careful when filling out these documents so that there are no creases or smudges (especially the grease ones are disgusting). When I see a stain like that, I don’t want to deal with it at all.

Recommendations on how to get an employee position and interview

If you have decided to prepare and send your documents to your chosen firm, do not delay. It is better to submit your application before the deadline. It would be a shame to be late and “miss out” on such nonsense.

Как пройти собеседование

But now the interview is scheduled. The most important stage! How do you get through it successfully? Obviously, you have passed the application competition, and now there are fewer applicants. Now the most important thing is to make a good personal impression. I know you’re confident that you’re irresistible. Be careful, that confidence can play havoc with you.

Do not overdo it in your desire to please. Behave naturally, exhibit a nice and correct line of behavior. For the upcoming conversation should be thoroughly prepared. Rest well enough to look and think. By no means be late. It’s better to arrive a little early and wait somewhere nearby. So many surprises can happen along the way–transportation mishaps alone are worth it.

Ask your question in comments and I’ll help you! Also, watch a helpful video on the topic below.

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