Tips stylist, how to correct the figure selection of clothes, shoes and accessories

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Everyone has her little (or big) flaws. But the wisdom of women is to know how to present themselves correctly. The most important thing in this process – do not forget that you’re beautiful in any case, because everyone does not have to look like a model. Well, if you really want to get closer to the ideal, not only will classes at a fitness club, strict diets or a trip to the plastic surgeon. Consider all the options to correct your figure with the right choice of clothing and shoes.


A long smooth neck is not a problem when choosing clothes. It is true that sometimes it is too long and thin. Then it is necessary to wear blind collars, neck scarves and kerchiefs, short large beads or several rows of small beads around the neck. The size of such a neck will balance the long hair. And in general, a long neck is a charming feature of a woman’s appearance.

It is much more difficult if it is short and full. In that case, all of the above is not suitable, because it only emphasizes this defect. Visually elongate the neck with a V-shaped not boat neckline and classic collars with small flaps. A good collar on a rack. The top button is better to unbutton, and the collar itself slightly lifted from behind. Beads or chains are preferably long and hair in a moderately short haircut or taken in a high knot. The fullness of the face and neck becomes more noticeable if you wear massive bright earrings or clips. And also – do not forget about your posture: straighten your back, shoulders down and head up!


The bust is a special concern. More often than not, at a young age, it is still underdeveloped. And you want it to be the other way around. While you should not be tight in tight sweaters. It is better to choose wide draped blouses, which would be balanced with the bottom of the suit. A belt can accentuate a small chest, and a pleat, bow, or scarf can hide it.

Tips stylist, how to correct the figure selection of clothes, shoes and accessories

It is not excluded that in the future the bust may exceed all expectations, and the size will want to disguise it a little. In this case, too, you should avoid clothes too fitted, tight-fitting body. It is known: the more spacious the bodice, the less the bust is emphasized. But deep necklines for a beautiful breast. Dresses are better suited not cut at the waist and without a belt. Clothing, crossed vertically in the bust area, visually reduces its volume. Sleeves, ending above the bust line should be avoided. You should also remember that a smooth fabric makes it more noticeable.


All the time mothers and grandmothers say: “Back straight, shoulders back!”, even pointing the finger from behind. However, their efforts are not lost if a teenage girl managed to fix a slouchy back. Otherwise, would have had to mask the protruding shoulder blades with blouses, and in general, the top of the dress with a slight overhang. And the same thing, you have to agree, is annoying. Recently, when shoulder pads became widespread, a slouchy figure could be corrected by sewing them somewhat on the back.


What to do for those who are endowed by nature with broad shoulders? Prefer deep, sharp necklines in dresses with the upper part extended to the shoulders. If the length of the neck allows, the shoulders can be covered with wide collars, as well as kimono and raglan sleeves. If the sleeve is a sleeve, the seam should be higher so that the sleeve does not look drooping. You should not choose wide sleeves or pleats at the shoulder.  Very fitted outfits will also emphasize what you would like in this case to hide.

Too narrow shoulders do not look good either. They do not need to be emphasized with a kimono or raglan. Sleeves – only a wrap-around and if possible with a slightly lowered shoulder. Small shoulder pads can help “lift” the shoulders, which are too low. Large collars lagging behind the neck also create the impression of raised shoulders.

Tips stylist, how to correct the figure selection of clothes, shoes and accessories

The Waist

The waist… It is not only an object of admiration, but also a peculiar indicator of the proportionality of the figure. The length of the legs, too. Too short waist, that is, the one that is located too high, is not good even for a slender woman. This means that you should not wear tight sweaters, it is better to wear slightly fitted, loose-fitting blouses. You can wear skirts and pants with a low waist (if the legs are not short). It is possible to lengthen the bodice of the dress. The belt in this case should be dropped slightly below the waist, to the line of the hips (if they are not very full).

If the waist is located low, then the proportion of the figure looks worse. But even in this case there are several ways out of the situation. You can choose styles with an inflated waist. Skirts and pants with wide belts. Thin girls can tuck blouses inside.

More difficult for those who not only have a low waist, but also full-bodied. You can “move” it with the help of a thin belt, which is visible from under the unbuttoned jacket. It is a thin belt, because wide belts deform the figure even more, emphasize the padded top and bottom.


Narrow is hardly a disadvantage these days, more of an advantage. With such a figure literally all styles are good, especially tight skirts, intricate pockets… On the contrary, you should hide your wide hips, choosing clothing cuts that are not tight.

It is necessary to refuse narrow, straight skirts, and to give preference to a wide, slightly elongated, and not short, and it is better to wear light-colored blouses with wide skirts, to visually increase the upper body and balance it with the lower. You can widen a little bit the shoulders themselves. Wide hips are covered with elongated jackets, blouses or shirts can descend below the line of hips, but not by much. Contraindicated styles of dresses with low waist and piling on the hips.

Wide hips can inadvertently emphasize the wrong top sleeves (those that are too wide at the bottom). We do not have a very common three-quarter length. However, this sleeve is best for “problematic” hips. If the hands are “problematic” too, you should not draw attention to them with bright varnish, ruffles, flounces at the bottom of the sleeve.

Tips stylist, how to correct the figure selection of clothes, shoes and accessories


The length of the sleeve can “shorten” the length of the legs. And yet we “fight” for long ones! You can visually increase their minus with the help of high heels. Skirts and pants are better to choose high-waisted. In this case, all the tops of the toilet reach no lower than the beginning of the thigh. If the legs are slender and not full, the best is a mini. It should always be remembered that it is the legs that give away the uncritical attitude of their owners. It is better to cover up things that cause doubts in terms of “perfect beauty. If a slightly crooked part of the lower leg, which is just above the ankle, the length of the skirt should not be average: either very long, or very short! If in doubt about the beauty of the knees cover them with a skirt or shorts. And if you have problems with legs in general, then it’s better to wear loose fitting pants. But not tight-fitting, which only emphasize the flaws, especially if the legs are too fat.

Girls with full legs should wear wider and longer skirts. Low-heel shoes only spoil the impression, as they visually shorten legs and increase their volume. A very thin and high heel is also unacceptable. The most suitable height is the average, about 4-5 centimeters. With full ankles it is better not to choose short boots – they will only emphasize the deficit. In this case, more suitable boots to the middle of the shin with high lacing and various vertical details. With a wide foot, it is also not recommended to wear shoes with cross stitching and elements. Thin feet are not a problem these days. But if they are very thin, do not emphasize it with a very flared skirt.

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