Tips and secrets of professionals on how to dress a beautiful girl

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The French say, “A man is a style. But I would say: “Man is taste”, because sometimes you want to change your style, to feel different. The famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin talked about this: “Fashion is what makes it possible for everyone, dressed differently, to look in a new way. But in this novelty we must not forget ourselves: consider how to dress beautifully for a girl.

What is good taste

There are times when the thing itself is good, but you feel bad in it. Why is that? What is the secret of being able to dress “to your liking”? First of all, you need to develop an aesthetic sense. To do this, you should not just carefully study the illustrations of good fashion magazines, look closely at the elegantly dressed women and girls around you, but also carefully examine yourself, trying on different proportions, lengths, color combinations. Sometimes I do not immediately compose my next outfit, but I stand in front of the mirror the day before for quite a long time, choosing especially carefully the additions and jewelry, because the golden rule of good taste is: “Nothing too much. It is better to have less details but more proportion. The same French believe that good taste is a sense of proportion.

Are you curious to know what a perfectly dressed woman means according to the most famous French fashion designers?

Yves Saint Laurent said a few years ago: black sweater, black skirt (or dress), black stockings and pumps, lots of bracelets and a green light scarf around the neck.

More recently, he simplified (did he?) the scheme. You don’t have to have a lot of money. All a woman has to do is put on a black sweater and a black skirt and go out accompanied by the man she loves. And another famous fashion creator Ungaro said: “If you are struck by the beauty of some woman, but you can’t remember what she was wearing, then she was dressed perfectly.”

Tips and secrets of professionals on how to dress a beautiful girl

I’ll tell you a secret: it happened to me, too. Once, when I met a dear person, I was wearing a suit in small dark flowers, sewn according to Burda patterns. A few weeks later on a date I wore only the skirt of that suit, supplementing it with a French blouse with soft draperies. No attention was paid to the blouse, but I liked the skirt very much. When I noticed that I had worn it on the evening of the first meeting, I was surprised and said: “Yes? And I don’t remember what you were wearing. I remember something very beautiful, but I don’t remember what it was. That’s when I remembered Ungaro’s words.

Secrets of fashionistas

One of the main laws that a woman should never forget if she wants to be beautifully dressed is: “A man is perceived in his movement, in the way he holds himself and wears things. Yes, the ability to hold oneself well, to feel free is very important. Mood, vivacity, smartness are important, not the least of which is the hair and makeup and skillfully chosen add-ons. That is, to be dressed well and even very well, you need desire, imagination, and most importantly – the awareness that you look no worse and even better than others. They say that the famous poetess Anna Akhmatova in the difficult years received her guests in… dressing-gown, and it looked on her like a queen’s dress.

That is more creativity! Self-expression and awareness of his importance. These clothes, hair, jewelry – only I have! And I’m a beauty! Remember the movie “Most Charming and Attractive”? Remember from time to time, how the drab activist from the design bureau was transformed, and repeat her words: “I am the most charming and attractive …” There was another good tip in that movie: don’t give away your secrets. If you have something good, let it be only yours. And how to do that… Basically, make mysterious eyes, smile and keep quiet. Let everyone think that it’s from nature you are such a beauty.

Now I’ll tell you the famous secret of French fashionistas. It is based on the same – on the principle of naturalness: to emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Get it? The fact is that to implement this secret, it turns out, is not easy, even if you have every opportunity to buy or sew what you want. The main difficulty often lies in the person himself, in his inability to treat himself critically, to assess himself as if from the outside, as objectively as possible.

Tips and secrets of professionals on how to dress a beautiful girl 

When you’re young, it’s especially difficult to take a hard look at yourself. It seems that everything is great and everything suits you, just like Sveta, Ira, Lena, and others. And then fat buttocks are pulled on biker pants, and from the short skirts “beautify” crooked legs, which could not be shown. And wearing colors that sort of erase the colors of their own faces and hair. И… Many other mistakes are made, which, of course, are not fatal, but unfortunate, because they do not decorate, but, on the contrary, harm a girl’s charms.

Women’s Horoscope by Clothing

You probably know that horoscopes are made for literally any occasion: character, love style, health, preferred occupation, and so on. A horoscope has also been made for women’s clothing tendencies:

  • Aries woman strives for perfection in everything. She most readily wears elegant suits that are comfortable for work. Her color is bright red. 
  • The Taurus woman is prone to luxury, although she does not like to pay for it. Her colors are sky blue, dark green, pink, loves pastel colors.
  • Bliznets woman is full of fantasies. Combines a variety of clothing elements, often bright colors, which theoretically do not fit together, but it looks great on her. Her colors are various shades of blue, gray and yellow. 
  • The Cancer woman is a creature of the home. Therefore, she wears comfortable checked things. For example, worn jeans. She does not like new trends in fashion. Her colors are silvery white and the color of the sea wave.
  • Leo woman is a bright personality, that’s why she likes bold colors. Her colors are bright yellow and all shades of the setting sun, it is possible with glitter.
  • The Virgo woman is always critical, so she likes classic clothes, such as gray austere suits. Besides gray, her colors are purple, the color of the sea wave, wheat.
  • The Libra woman is romantic and dreamy. Therefore, she does everything not to attract attention to herself. Wears jeans and sweaters of quiet tones. Her colors are gray-blue and shades of pink.
  • Scorpio woman spunky and passionate. But she tries to hide her temperament under the color black, although her colors are dark red and blue.
  • Sagittarius woman is impetuous and fickle. She puts on anything that comes up, as long as it would be comfortable for her. Favorite color is bright red.
  • Capricorn woman is always organized and punctual, confident. In any clothing feels good. But prefers a classic style and not too bright colors. Her colors are green and all natural hues.
  • The female Aquarius is completely unpredictable. Can wear supermini, and the next day to be wrapped up to the neck in a dress like a nun. Her colors are fiery and white.
  • Woman Pisces is never sure of the correctness of his choice. Literally torn between elegance and carelessness. Can be seduced by the latest fashion, not paying attention to whether it suits her. Her colors are pink and lilac and greenish blue. 


Tips and secrets of professionals on how to dress a beautiful girl

However, in addition to the horoscope, there is also a particular person. Adjustments must be made for individuality, otherwise it is unlikely to turn out well.

Ask your questions in comments and I’ll help you! Also, watch a helpful video on the topic below.

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