A guide on how to choose your style

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Как быть нам с тобой? Ведь время мы не выбирали. Оно такое, какое есть. А мне не хочется, чтобы моя молодость и твоя юность не порадовались бы красивой одежде. Значит, будем делать выводы и проявлять изобретательность, трудолюбие и что там еще? Я буду тебе помогать, стараться научить тому, что умею сама, привить хороший вкус. Рассмотрим, как выбрать свой стиль, чтобы всегда одеваться по ситуации.

Why Style Matters

What is good taste? No one is born with good taste. It is learned, and for a long time, one might say all one’s life, because you have to grasp the trends of fashion, yourself, and the world around you. Unfortunately, they don’t teach it here, and they don’t teach it at all. Girls look at the women around them and at each other.

And grown-up women? Who taught them? I met a friend of mine, a PhD candidate, a teacher at a pedagogical university in Moscow, the wife of a high-ranking official. Her position and money allow her to buy expensive, beautiful things. So she bought and wore: a downy coat, a mink cap with a high cuff and massive earrings in the old Russian style with numerous pendants. And it did not occur to her, herself already raising a daughter, that such a combination is a mixture of styles. As if the head from one era, and below – from another. Even a young girl is not allowed to make such mistakes in styles.

A guide on how to choose your style 

I went to the university, and a woman in a burgundy coat and a red shawl was walking up the stairs in front of me. “Oh,” I thought to myself, “a person doesn’t understand that red and burgundy don’t go together. Catching up with her at the corner, I recognize an elderly lady from our department, incidentally, an assistant professor.

Yes, even in our time, when, it would seem, everything is allowed, any mixture of styles and colors, still there are eternal values, rules, which it is desirable not to violate, so that you were talked about as a stylish woman.

Styles description

There are different styles of clothing.


The most revered has always been and will always be the classic style. Clothing in this style is characterized by the purity of lines, a clear silhouette pattern, simplified details, proportions, which do not change the figure, but only emphasize it. It is sewed mainly from natural fabrics, that is why it is often expensive. As they used to say in Anna Karenina’s time: “Simplicity, for which the price is high in Paris”.

One of her favorite sets is the strict English suit: jacket and skirt. The classic style is suitable for women of all ages. Recently, it has become popular among young girls. Girls often come straight from work to university from the offices of firms, international exhibitions, excursions to the city with delegations of visiting businessmen. Their appearance emphasizes business qualities, neatness, high purchasing power, since suits are expensive.


The sporty style is characterized by a natural silhouette and a looser cut. It differs from the classic style by the richness of details: coquettes of different shapes and sizes, large and small pockets with a variety of flaps, fasteners, zippers and buttons. Sleeves raglan, semi-raglan, kimono, with an overstretched or normal armhole. Colors may also be all kinds, bright colors are appropriate. Such clothes are better suited for sports and leisure, but many of its elements are taken for the one in which you can go to class or to work.


Feminine style is characterized by the elegance of forms and gracefulness of the lines, emphasizing the beauty of the body. The waist line is clearly outlined, the skirt creates the impression of lightness and femininity… Well, in general, you can imagine…

A guide on how to choose your style


The folkloric style is good for young people. It’s not for nothing that hippies and those who came after them loved it so much. The same hat that you wear in the fall, winter, and spring is also a sample of the folk clothing of those who have lived in the North for a long time.

The main feature of the folk style is naturalness in proportions, in the cut, in color combinations. Trimmings on folk motifs are touching: embroidery, tracery, lace, braids. There is a lot of room for experimentation. There are so many peoples in the world and everyone has something interesting. So the masters of “haute couture” are fond of the “Spanish” style, the “African” style, the “Indian” style, or whatever.


I like very much for young girls and romantic style. Although it has a certain old-fashionedness, but its ruffles, flounces, bows, lace, pastel colors and elegant jewelry emphasize the sophistication and beauty of youth, fragility and tenderness of a girl’s face and figure.

How to choose a style

It goes without saying that you have to choose where you’re going in that outfit. Not to your grandmother in the village or to a volleyball game. Remember also that the costume dictates the style of behavior. Hardly appropriate “strong” language or even hand-to-hand for a girl dressed in lace and ribbons. Much more at ease gives a feeling of denim clothing. In pants and you can sit on the floor. And try to sit down in a classic suit – they won’t understand, and it’s uncomfortable.

A guide on how to choose your style

However, one should not find it funny if one takes liberties. I am reminded of an episode at the same Department of Foreign Philology a couple of years ago. A group of guys are standing in the corridor, to take turns entering the classroom to take the exam. One girl has already passed and is waiting for her friend. There are no other women around besides her and me – only guys. I am sitting on one of the benches set up under the windows of the corridor. The girl sits on the floor. Okay, maybe she is so relaxed, or maybe she wants to show her face in front of the guys. Let her sit. But I wonder what will happen to her white jeans, because the floor has recently been covered with a dark brown mastic. Finally, her friend comes out, and she gets up and walks toward him. And there are two brown spots on the back of her butt, like… let’s drop the comparison. So why ignore the banquette? Good thing there was an exceptionally well-mannered crowd around, no one said anything.

Style is said to be an inherent characteristic of an interesting person. You could say the opposite: an interesting person has his own style. And how are things with your style?

Ask your questions in comments and I will answer you! Also, watch a helpful video on the topic below.

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