Stylist recommendations on how to choose a hairstyle by face type

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The way we dress, wear makeup, and comb our hair is related to our psychological state, views, tastes, and attitude toward life. On the other hand, our inner state depends on how we look and how we are perceived by others. Think about how the mood rises when you put on an updated face or get a successful hairstyle. Consider how to choose a hairstyle according to your face type.

What fashion says

When I was your age, the dictates of fashion were very strong. Especially in hairstyles. If you had a haircut, it was all one version, like “page” or “Garson”. I remember that I myself felt a little awkward not cutting my hair in the same way – short in the front and long strands around the neck.

In your time, people under the influence of sensible fashion designers came to their senses. Hairdressers in Paris, New York, and Tokyo believe that there is no fashion for hairstyles anymore. To comb everyone’s hair the same way is considered bad taste. Masters find for each client a hairstyle that suits her. Today there is no single length, color, shape – they depend on the woman herself.

 Stylist recommendations on how to choose a hairstyle by face type

Of course, there are high-class professionals working there. It’s hard to expect the same from the girls who are busy with completely different things and thoughts. Obviously, under the pressure of the new “market” life, they too will have to “readjust”. Maybe there will be fewer barbershops, and more salons that are more expensive, but with better quality work. And you and I will be able to choose what to pay money for. And demand the ability to do to our hair what we want, not what the “master” knows how to do.

Not too long ago for a special occasion I wanted to do a “tall” hairstyle. My hair was about shoulder blades long. I wanted to style it with beautiful curls and curls. Imagine that in our whole town there was not a single master who was willing to help me. Either there are no metal curlers, or no preparations, or they just do not know how. Even the most “prestigious” salons, located in the center, specialize only in haircuts and blow drying. That’s it! After a while, I cut my hair… And you don’t cut it for anything! Long hair always draws attention. Young girls can wear them loose (of course, not in the offices of reputable firms), and how many different options can be!

How to choose a hairstyle depending on the type of face

However, it should be remembered that the choice of hairstyle can make the most disproportionate face almost perfect. But it can also spoil the impression.

Round face

Correct: various oblique devices, slightly curly or loose hair, individual strands of which fall on the forehead. On the sides of the hair is tight to the temples. Wrong: straight parting, making the face wider, smoothly combed hair.

Narrow face

That’s right: a side-parted bouffant hairstyle that makes the face look broader and shorter. More soft curls, including on the forehead, and waves; asymmetrical, no parting. Incorrect: a severe, short haircut with a straight parting, or slicked back hair.

Rhomboidal face

Right: all hairstyles that fall below the ear line. If the chin is very sharp, comb soft strands from the ear line down to the cheeks. It would be wrong to make straight partings and to pull the hair down at the back of the head by styling it in various rolls and knots.

Stylist recommendations on how to choose a hairstyle by face type

Pear-shaped (downward-expanding) face

It would be correct for him to do his hair with the “center of gravity” at the top of his head. The hair on the sides should cover the cheeks. A wavy, airy hairstyle with a lush comb over the vertex is appropriate. The rest is completed with make-up, narrowing the face. Smooth hairstyles on the vertex and with a straight parting, as well as those that expand the lower part of the face are not suitable.

Other nuances

A big nose can be slightly hidden not only with makeup, eyeglass frames, but also with a bouffant, softly framed face with the “center of gravity” at the back of the head (but not high!). Slicked-back foreheads and cheeks are also suitable. Nose size can be emphasized by slicked back hair and hairstyles-knots.

A high (but very high) forehead must be closed by locking the locks: short or long, thick or sparse, with even or unevenly cut ends. No need to make revealing forehead hairstyles, gather hair in a knot on the head or strictly combed back (remember Mumra from the film by Eldar Ryazanov “Business Romance”).

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