Expert tips on how to take care of your hands at home for a teenage girl

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Do you know how much our hands can tell about us? Not even to chiromancers, but to ordinary people. Often we don’t make the right impression because of the unattractive appearance of our hands. For example, sweaty palms, dirty nails or peeling nail polish… Not to mention the fact that it is the hands that often give away not only the way of life, but also the age of a woman. If the wrinkles of the face and neck can be removed by plastic surgery if desired, effective methods of surgical treatment of age-related changes in the hands have not yet been found. That’s why hands need constant care. Let’s look at how to care for your hands at home.

Personal hand hygiene

First and foremost is cleanliness, which is ensured by washing. If the work to be done is dirty, it is better to use rubber or plastic gloves. If there is no such a possibility, you should at least dig your nails into a bar of soap. The soap will get under them and will not let the dirt accumulate there.

To clean very dirty skin do not use sand, gasoline, kerosene, various solvents. It is better to rub vegetable oil with sugar into the skin beforehand. If the skin is darkened after cooking, you can bleach it with vinegar, lemon juice or apple peel.

Expert tips on how to take care of your hands at home for a teenage girl

What to grease your hands with

After finishing work and washing your hands, you need to smear them with a special cream. I’m not going to be able to do much more, though, and the cream can leave stains. That’s why I postpone this procedure until I’m ready for bed. But every night is a must!

And when the skin is cracked, especially after a frosty air, the best help is glycerin. If you have deep cracks, before going to bed, you can immerse your hands in a warm solution of starch (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) or decoction of linseed (Z tablespoons per liter of water). Then the cracks are dabbed with a pharmacy calendula ointment.

How to get rid of warts on the hands

It happens that it is on the hands that warts appear. You have to get rid of them as soon as possible. These dense, pale pink or light brown, pea-sized nodules are caused by a virus. They have a root, they grow. Sometimes they disappear on their own, and sometimes they spread across the skin. This is a very unpleasant cosmetic defect. In addition, warts are transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one through direct contact.

Expert tips on how to take care of your hands at home for a teenage girl 

Warts are removed in cosmetic clinics and offices. Of course, a doctor’s help is best. Folk medicine also has effective remedies. You can use a strong infusion or decoction of wormwood. Every day, warts are smeared several times. When celandine blooms, its fresh juice cauterize warts 4-5 times a day. A piece of propolis is applied to the wart and fixed with a plaster for 1-2 weeks.

Quick results are obtained by using garlic. Garlic should be grated and put this pulp on the wart. Hold it as long as possible, then rinse with cold water. Repeat the procedure after 2 hours. A small wart can be removed with dandelion juice.

Every night before going to bed you can drop 1 drop of vinegar essence from a dropper on the wart. But you need to be careful: the right place in advance taped, leaving a hole for the wart. More than one drop should not be used. Vinegar essence burns the root of the wart and kills the virus. You can daily apply a mixture of raw rowan berries to the wart.

Manicure features as part of hand care

When you are young, when you have more free time, girls love to do their nails. You, too, paint them almost every day. The paradox is that adult women are much less concerned about manicure. They do not have enough time, and besides the long nails often interfere. But they also try to keep their hands and nails in order.

Expert tips on how to take care of your hands at home for a teenage girl

Manicure history

Women have understood the need for it since time immemorial. Ancient Egyptian women, for example, when doing manicures, painted their nails with green paint. And in ancient India, they liked red. There were times when the admiration for the nails went very far: in some countries of South-East Asia there were peculiar competitions for the length of the nails on the hands. The length of the “ornaments” reached 40 and even 45 centimeters. It took about eight years to grow them. Several times in magazines I saw pictures not only of women, but also of men showing their “treasure”: curved, sometimes twisted liana-like nails hanging from their fingers.

How often should you get your nails done

All people’s nails are the same, growing about 3 mm in a month, sometimes a little more or less. If you regularly do manicure once a week or ten days, you can do without scissors. They are necessary for overly long or neglected nails. A nail file is enough, which is convenient if it is long and a little flexible.

In general, in a manicure kit (you should have your own) are desirable large and small pliers, clippers, scissors with curved ends, a blunt spatula, a wooden or bone stick. Tools should be kept clean. Boiling can spoil the material of the handles. Therefore, it is enough to wipe them with cologne or boric alcohol.

Expert tips on how to take care of your hands at home for a teenage girl

Preparing for the procedure

Before doing your manicure, soak your hands and nails in water with a little soap, shampoo or baking soda. If you have done laundry before, you do not need to soak anything else. Just do your nails right after work.

The nail socket quickly becomes overgrown with skin, which spoils the shape of the nail and the finger. Therefore, the softened skin should be moved with a spatula and then trimmed. If you move it every day, you can not cut it. But it’s up to someone.

How to choose the length and shape of nails

The length of your nails is a strictly individual matter, do as you like, but don’t let it be vulgar (especially when the nail polish is a killer color and there’s dirt under the nail polish). Long, pointed nails often get in the way (I’ll tell you a secret: some men are afraid to scratch themselves on such, not to mention that their idea of a good hostess can be shaken just because of the length of the nails – try working with such). Almond-shaped or oval shape is considered beautiful, and the free edge can protrude about 3-4 mm. If you cut the nails shorter, their shape changes. The fingers appear shorter and thicker.

After trimming the nails, be sure to treat them with a file to avoid uneven edges, spoiling the shape and clinging to everything, especially to pantyhose.

Skillfully applied nail polish can correct the shape of the nails. For example, dark varnish applied in the middle of the nail seems to shorten it, while nails completely covered with a colorless, slightly colored varnish seem to be longer. A manicure can also improve the impression when the shape of the hand itself is not ideal. When the hand is kind of square, you don’t need to trim your nails short.

The nail polish is good in dim shades. The gauge also matters. They should not be too large and “screaming”. The shape of the stone is round or oval. And do not wear several rings on the same hand – your fingers will seem even shorter. It will be good if you get a drop of perfume on your hands.

How to paint your nails

If you decide to cover your nails with nail polish, you must apply it to a completely clean surface that should not even have cream on it. On the brush to pick up the nail polish so that it covers the surface of the nail evenly. Lacquer is applied twice, not a thick layer. The first layer should dry first, and then the second. Sometimes a colorless or nacreous layer is placed on top. For each finger brush again dipped into the bottle. Only then will the layer be even. It is not necessary to dry your nails in the sun: the nail polish can swell.

Expert tips on how to take care of your hands at home for a teenage girl

And remember that your nails also need to “breathe”. So it is undesirable to keep the nail polish more than five days. From time to time remove it with a special liquid and give your nails a rest. In addition, no nail polish does not last that long, and peeling nails have a very unpleasant look.

To save polish and not to thicken, breathe into the bottle before closing the lid. The carbon dioxide will force the air out, and the nail polish will not thicken for longer. So much for physics and chemistry.

How to fight nail brittleness

It’s no wonder when long nails often break. And if nails of normal length become thin, break, break, and have white spots on them? The reasons may be different.

If the general condition of the body worsened, it can be corrected by eating foods rich in proteins, mineral salts, vitamins A and D, gelatin. Perhaps affected by the action of certain chemicals, from detergents to colored varnishes.

To strengthen your nails, there are many means. Once or twice a week you can do baths of warm vegetable oil with the addition of Z drops of iodine and 5 drops of lemon juice. If oil baths seem like a waste, you can just regularly rub vegetable oil, nourishing cream, lemon juice, table vinegar, cranberry juice, red or black currant juice into the nail plate and the skin around it.

Expert tips on how to take care of your hands at home for a teenage girl 

You can hold your fingertips in water, in which you dissolve a little table salt or sea salt (2 tablespoons per liter of warm water). After holding your hands in this solution for 10-15 minutes, you can strengthen your nails and return elasticity and softness to the skin.

Rubbing an oily cream also helps with such a nuisance as hangnails. Nail skin is often torn, there are small abrasions, and then the little “tails” of the skin, which are sometimes painful and can lead to a purulent infection, and even fungus. So it is necessary to disinfect them with iodine (not so noticeable), green or Castellani liquid (more noticeable). And cut off burrs with scissors or wire cutters.

What to do if the palms of your hands sweat

Folk medicine can help, suggesting a brew of oak bark and St. John’s wort. Take a teaspoon each, pour two glasses of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes over low heat. After cooling and straining, add 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar. Every day you should make a 20-minute warm bath with this composition. It should help.

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