Tips on how to behave on a first date

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What to do if something is coming up in a relationship with a guy? For example, he asked you to meet him? Oh, so a date! Especially important is the first one. You expect a lot from it. Remember, it’s up to you to make sure it doesn’t turn into the last one. Don’t be a silly girl. Stupidity annoys everyone, especially when it comes at such an important time. But don’t be especially nervous, either. You remember how badly strained, tense, nervousness is perceived. Bad and the other extreme: the excessive swagger, bragging and breaking. You don’t have to tell him about your previous suitors. He’s already chosen you. And the prospect of another “inventory number” in the number of your admirers are unlikely to please him. I have prepared tips on how to behave on a first date, so that it does not turn into the last one.

Think about your image and how your evening will go

Think in advance about your costume and makeup. They should not embarrass your date. If you have agreed in advance where to go, it is easier to make a choice. It’s one thing to go for a bike ride, it’s another thing to go to a disco. It’s okay if you take some of the initiative, too. I have often thought about possible suggestions in case nothing concrete comes from the other side. He wants to have a good time, too.

He will remember you, for example, that day when it was warm autumn and you were walking in the park with yellow trees. You were picking maple leaves, and he stood looking at the sun’s glare that played on your hair…

Tips on how to behave on a first date
Men’s hearts are drawn to beauty. But it’s harder to put that desire into words. The reason? It’s not a stump at all. The fact that men prefer to use the left hemisphere of the brain. It is there, we can say, is the center of logical thinking. But the ability to express their thoughts, and even more to present them beautifully, is determined by the right hemisphere. In addition, added shyness. Yes, yes, men are also very shy, afraid to make a mistake or look ridiculous. But they hide their doubts under a mask of feigned self-confidence. Over the years, you gain confidence, based on real strength, intelligence, experience, life achievements. In the meantime, it is necessary to understand the person and behave accordingly.

The two biggest problems of teen dating: time and money

There have always been, and now there are two dangers that can ruin a date: time and money. First of all, you have to choose the right hour for the date. Of course, I’m not talking about six in the morning, but about late in the evening. Mothers, for the most part, worry about their daughters. Where do they walk in the dark? The lights are turned off to save power. And those that are still lit go out at 9 pm. Kissing, I agree, is better. No one can see. But there’s dark things going on in the dark. Even if you have your hero with you, against three or four people he will be powerless. So it’s better not to provoke trouble.

The second problem is almost as eternal as the world and has to do with the lack of money. Even if a (dollar) millionaire falls in love with you, I have no doubt that you may well put even him in a bind with your requests and caprices.

Tips on how to behave on a first date

What if you’re going to meet a classmate or a fellow student? I want to believe that you won’t drag him to a jewelry store or an Italian restaurant right away. And in a cafe you will choose something more modest than red caviar. A woman always expects her beau to pay for everything. But anything can happen. There are those, especially among strangers who invite a lady to a restaurant, drink and eat, and then with the words “my wife will pay for everything” slip past the maitre d’ and disappear in an unknown direction. “Guarantee against possible trouble” at the cafe, put it in your purse when you go. You don’t have to mention it, but it may happen that your companion doesn’t have enough money to pay. Delicately come to the rescue.

What’s the right way to end a date?

You don’t have to agree with him on everything. Echoes often cause irritation. On the other hand, the young man may be drawn to recklessness and other “exploits. Be prudent. Your safety is not only in his muscles, but also in your mind.   Thus, a smart woman will never complain, even if she did not like the movie, and presented flowers cause allergies. On the contrary, she will say at least once, “This evening is wonderful!” She will never discuss her troubles and problems during a romantic date. I say “romantic” because there are still business dates, during which, in fact, problems are discussed.

At the end of the date be sure to thank him and tell him that you had a great time, even if you barely waited until the parting hour. Never (though it’s so hard!) ask when you will meet again. Let that question worry him. The option of, “When will you call?” too. It may seem annoying. Show some restraint. It will pay off.

How do you get a declaration of love?

For example, you really want him to say, “I love you: “I love you.” Indeed, there are quite important reasons why women want to hear these words from men: they simply need these words. Girls since childhood are taught that love is important. A woman wants at least a hint of some kind of commitment (remember, “a woman loves with a guarantee”?). When she hears those words, she can say the same thing herself without fear of rejection. Then it’s just nice to hear it. And how great it is then to brag to girlfriends that he did say it!

Tips on how to behave on a first date

Men, for their part, are far from always willing to utter sacramental words. Maybe because they don’t think so. One reason could be that they have said it before and realized they were wrong. Maybe they’re afraid of getting caught up in some “long story” or of having to say, “I’ll marry you.” Probably taking his example from his father, who never said anything like that to his mother, your hero isn’t willing to say what you expect either. He doesn’t mind falling, but not so “low.” And generally thinks it has become a common expression. It’s hard to know why he’s not in a hurry, what exactly the reason is in your case. A smart woman, if she wants to, will get to hear those most dear words to Eva’s daughters. In order to do that, she needs to figure it out for herself. And in him.

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