A step-by-step guide, how a woman to compose a closet – what you need first

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The above tips are useful when putting together a closet, a matter of the utmost importance. While the clothes bear the stamp of your tastes, moods, imagination, must be present and mind. Otherwise it will be a shame for his own cluelessness. So you need to know how a woman to compose a closet, not to spend all the money, and look decent.

How many clothes do you need

First of all, the closet must be “flexible,” that is, it must contain things that can make up a suit “for feast and fortune, and honest people. Understood? That’s right, for different occasions. So do you need lots of things? Not at all.

You should always remember the eternal weakness of the female soul, when you want exactly a lot of clothes, shoes, various cosmetics. But a smart and elegant woman will always give preference to quality over quantity. We will not get away from the harsh prose of life: everything costs money, and there is not always enough money for what we want.

A step-by-step guide, how a woman to compose a closet - what you need first


Better a little quality stuff than a bunch of cheap junk. In the moment, you are seen in what you are wearing right now. You’re not going to yell, “I’ve got plenty more!” More often than not, we chase after quantity, wanting above all to impress the women we know: classmates, fellow students, co-workers, those who see us from day to day.

What men think

They care about the overall impression and some details. What are they? The American Margaret Kent writes about this. In short, her recommendations can be summarized as follows:

  • The clothes should fit the figure and not distort its proportions (unless, of course, it is a necessary correction);
  • It is better to avoid huge puffy sleeves that make your shoulders look huge, and in general it is better to choose a simpler cut;
  • The fabrics should be soft to the touch, letting some of your body heat through, and the rough, scratchy ones should be avoided;
  • Blouses are good with an open neck line and a small collar, and the front fastener is preferable: it gives some space to the male imagination;
  • Skirts should be short, but within reason – too short skirts are reminiscent of the “easy girls;
  • Men usually prefer to see women in skirts or dresses. And if you wear pants, it is better monochrome, especially white, black or blue (blue or blue jeans);
  • Men also like shorts, preferably solid color or with a non-intrusive pattern;
  • legs look more attractive, if the shoes are chosen with heels (the case will prompt their height, just do not look clumsy on them);
  • tights can be any color that suits the ensemble, but it is best to wear flesh-colored tights, sometimes black is especially appropriate (remember to be especially critical of your own feet).

A step-by-step guide, how a woman to compose a closet - what you need first

The main rules on how to choose things

To attract attention, of course, you have to stand out among others like you. Therefore, as soon as possible to be free of childish desire: “I want the same as Nadia. Buying this or that thing, be sure to answer honestly the question: “Is it my thing? No matter how much you like it, no matter how tempting miracle of tailor’s art, decide whether it suits you, whether it decorates, emphasizes individuality? Otherwise, the effect will be the opposite.

Next, be sure to ask the question: “Where will I wear this? Here’s an example from my own life. While vacationing several years ago in Zakarpattya, in a small countryside store I saw very beautiful Japanese dresses on sale. They were festive and elegant. I wondered for a long time whether there were many occasions in my life for just such an outfit. However, the saleswomen persuaded me to buy this dress: “You, in the capital, have somewhere to go!” I only wore it twice. It’s not that I didn’t have a special occasion, but it was very memorable. I didn’t want to give the impression that I had nothing else.

As the number one woman of the twentieth century, Margaret Thatcher, said:

“If people see you in something pink, for example, they remember it and think you only have one dress.”

A step-by-step guide, how a woman to compose a closet - what you need first

Besides, things tend to become “morally” outdated. That’s the case with this dress. It’s almost new, and it’s already embarrassing for you to show up in it. Fashion is wrong. Let them say that our time allows for literally everything. But in the crowd you can immediately see where the modern line is and where it is outdated. Fashion comes and goes, leaving annoyance for the pile of still good, but unnecessary things. They accumulate in the closet. Pity to throw away – who will buy them? To sell – who will buy them, when such a variety is offered in stores. Redecorate? Sometimes it’s impossible, and often there is no time or desire. So my advice to you: if there is a fashionable thing, wear it, as they say, “to the end”, do not leave “for later. In this case it is impossible to make reserves. Only natural good fabrics and furs (and jewelry, of course) do not become obsolete.

In your closet should not be random things. When buying this or that, ask yourself the third question:

“Will the new thing go with the ones you already have?”


“What am I going to wear it with?”

There is a story by the wonderful writer N. Teffi in which a new collar “demanded” from its owner new and new purchases, until all this led to a change in lifestyle itself. Of course, the story is humorous, exaggerating a very common situation.

A step-by-step guide, how a woman to compose a closet - what you need first 

What a closet must have

Famous fashion designer Donna Karan says, “A modern woman cannot do without six or seven basic pieces of clothing. Each of these things should be so functional that it can be worn day after day and in the evening.

The foundation of any closet is a simple dress. It can be worn with a jacket, vest and sweater. A classic knee-length coat is the optimal outerwear option. The essentials also include a strict suit, elegant pants and a sexy skirt. A colorful silk scarf or bright tights will add liveliness to the outfit. Accessories will help create your individual style.

For our latitudes and for your age this set is acceptable:

  1. A pair of bright fashionable T-shirts.
  2. Pants for winter and for summer (jeans are great), not bad to have shorts.
  3. A jacket with a skirt, even better if it’s a good quality suit.
  4. Two or three blouses, one of which is dressy.
  5. A sweater and two jackets (warm and not so warm).
  6. And very little else: a hat, scarf, shawl, gloves, bag and purse.

A prerequisite is that all this should be combined and kept in order and cleanliness.

And one more thing. The fashion designer Raf Sardarov, now popular in Russia, believes: “Actually, clothes are not the main thing. Shoes, underwear, perfume are the main thing. A man caught off guard by circumstances should not apologize for his tattered underpants. When a girl wears a miniskirt, she is responsible to society for the legs that it will see and the underwear that it may see.

How to combine things

If the conditions of existence allow more variety, or it is already there, it is possible to approach the problem of kitting every day costumes in a scientific way.

Some time ago I read about matrix-table developed by scientists from Novosibirsk. In it one must write down all one’s clothes vertically, which make up “bottom” – skirts, sundresses, pants, overalls, dresses. On the horizontal – the things that are conventionally designated as “top” – blouses, shirts, jackets, jackets, sweaters, vests, shawls … Figuring out what goes with what, at the intersection of the graph put a cross. It will indicate the potential version of the ensemble.

When I made such a matrix the effect surpassed all my expectations, there were so many variations, that I could wear a “new” outfit every day of the year. And there weren’t that many things… However, the combinations grew literally exponentially with each unit of “top” or “bottom”.

Why accessories are important

A few years ago, a trendsetter died in Paris. Not a fashion designer, but a man who was considered a great fashionista. When they opened his closet, everyone was amazed; there were only three suits, a few shirts, and several thousand ties! Do you get it? You can achieve variety through little additions or details, too. It is especially good to take as a basis the so-called “little black dress” – an invention of the famous Parisian Coco Chanel. If black does not suit you, you can replace it with any suitable dark color. And to it an infinite number of collars, scarves, shawls, beads, chains, belts, capes and so on and so forth.

A step-by-step guide, how a woman to compose a closet - what you need first

What is the “zeitgeist”

It’s a time of great diversity. And that’s great! Everyone can choose their own. If, of course, he or she has enough intelligence and taste, if he or she is aware of his or her own dissimilarity. And also, if he or she will be sensitive to “ler du tam” – “the spirit of the time” (as the famous perfume is called, which was created for Coco Chanel by her son). What is it, this zeitgeist? Oh, my dear, the answer is both simple and complicated.

For the past few years and the years to come, up to the beginning of the next millennium, the internationalization of the way of life, when it becomes almost universal, regardless of the country where people live (we mean quite developed countries of Europe, North America and the Pacific region).

One of the components of this universal way of life is fashion: for clothing, furniture, music, leisure activities, and so on. Wearing about the same austere suits or good-quality leather shoes, the season’s novelties include special shapes of eyeglass frames or a “predatory style” in fabric colors…

Recently, a new view has taken hold: it is not clothes that are decisive, but the inner content of a person: his mind, intellect, competence, talent, and other abilities. They say that only here clothes, their “richness” and value remain an indicator of a person’s position in society. In the world we can observe a sort of democratization of clothing. They look simpler and more modest, but are made of high quality natural materials. At the same time, the choice of ready-made clothes and the variety of styles are huge.

However, under the dominance of universality, whole peoples and individuals try not to lose their individuality, uniqueness, which coincides with the desire of young people: to be like everyone else, but with their own characteristics.

Individuality through needlework

Much in the appearance of a girl, and then a woman, depends on skilled hands. Whose? If she (or her relatives and friends) have enough money of hands of masters of sewing, knitting, embroidery, hairdressing, make-up and other specialties, for whose labor can be paid. Such an option may not be available. Or else.

You know, as of late, the “little queen” is in great reverence abroad. This little queen is the sewing machine. Quite wealthy women who can buy their clothes in a store sit behind it. But they want something unusual, which others will not have, in which they can show their own taste. Sewing has become one of the popular hobbies.

A step-by-step guide, how a woman to compose a closet - what you need first

You know how famous Burda magazine is, don’t you? In a hundred countries it is happily purchased by women who sew for themselves. They also have an annual contest for non-professional seamstresses and knitters. I adore this magazine, too. Its patterns are perfectly calculated, the explanations are clear. Sewing with them is a pleasure! I went to school at a very young age. With great difficulty gave me three years of tailoring science, when the sword of Damocles hung over my head daily lectures and seminars and other work! But… I think I do not need to explain how useful the acquired skill is, given that I knew how to knit and embroider before.

There are many books on needlework. But my opinion: you can’t learn by reading a book. You need someone to show you. It takes desire and practice. I also needed a strict teacher, in front of whom everyone trembled and was afraid not to do the task on time. And you need to get rid of the confidence that my mother will do better, why, they say, to strain themselves. Not always a mother or grandmother has the time and opportunity to deal with you. So is not better to take on a case by itself? Learn to sew! Take this chance, while learning is easy, while the burden of adult worries of life is not pressing.

Ask me your question in comments and I will answer you! Also, watch a helpful video on the topic below.

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